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Selection of brands utilising heat reactive fabric but here's how it works.

IG took down the audio to our reel explaining how this works but if you were wondering, the process of fabric changing colour in relation to heat is called thermochromism. Both the original colour dye and the thermochromic dye are bound to the fabric in microcapsules. Thermochromic dye is made of leuco dye, weak acids and dissociable salts dissolved in dodecanol. This dye stays in its original form at low temps and starts ti change colour as its get warmer at around 24 degrees. The warmer areas change colour as the salt dissociates, the PH lowers and the dyes lactone rings open. The warmed colour depends on the two colours that were picked for example, if the original dye is red and paired with a yellow thermochromic dye, the warmed area will form an orange colour.

While this isn't anything new, the fabric is still in full effect today with the brands above all having their moments with the technology.


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