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Thanks to the guys over at Store Credit Podcast, for linking up with Steven Mena of Menace LA for an interview. You already know I love breaking these down into valuable gems for you to take away and apply for your own brand journey.

Steven Mena is a designer 10 years in the game having crossed his 10th year in business, on Sunday. He's growing one of the hottest streetwear brands out of the US, specifically LA. It's clear Mena is proud of his roots as Hispanic & LA culture are recurring motifs in his brand image. This isn't a surprise considering his ambition to put on the Hispanic community (shoutout to the Hispanics reading this). The mindset has gone on to grow a culture of his own around the brand making Menace one of the biggest household names in US streetwear. I actually did a video on his story and Menace LA so check it out on our YouTube channel.

Hope you learnt something from this. Feel free to watch the video above or the breakdown below


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