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They’ve landed. We finally get a first glance at what Corteiz has to offer with their Nike collab. Looking at the culture around Corteiz, it was only right they dropped a 95 (or as some call it, the 110s)

I personally think shoes were the best thing to drop and many others anticipated shoes the most. This is probably the best way Corteiz could’ve entered the footwear market. It makes me wonder if they’ll ever come out with their own original shoe. This shoe will mean a lot to Clint as it has a short story to it. 10 years from when Clint posted this shoe, he made his first Instagram post which featured him wearing Airmax ones. He mentioned selling sweets just to be able to afford the trainers he wanted.

What’s funny is that this isn’t the only thing that’s dropping, there is supposedly more to come. By observation I’ve seen people ask for clothes, a possible 97 and some even saying the original Nike Cortez should’ve been the go to shoe they used, which only makes sense.

The shoe is priced at £169.95 ($210 / €193). Apart from the Corteiz logos, the shoe follows an olive green colourway, topped off with yellow Corteiz logos and further yellow highlights, the top panel is covered in a net-like material which is a lighter green. what’s also noteworthy is the use of leather as opposed to the original suede material the 95s possess. lastly, the inside of the shoe has a camo pattern which also bleeds out to just outside the shoe. The shoe is set to land March 2023.

The marketing leading up to this announcement is just another one for the books. Few days prior, you would’ve been able to see 95 sole with the Corteiz logo printed on the streets of London. On the day of the announcement, Corteiz officially presents the shoe by editing it into Bella Hadid's iconic, sneaker shopping video with complex. Clint sat on this release video idea for a whole year!

To finish off here are some kind words from Clint “If you don’t like the crep, I promise. We don’t care. Go and wear Birkenstocks”


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