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Trapstars designs through the years.

Trapstar is a UK streetwear titan having stood the test of time with over ten years in the game. From selling clothes out of pizza boxes to Jay Z and Rihanna wearing their pieces and their puffer jackets becoming much sought after pieces in UK streetwear, the relentless brand keeps rising to new heights.

I don’t know what Dagye did this day but the effects of ADWOA philosophy was evident in the Trapstar x Adwoa collab drop. The best thing about it was that it made sense, it wasn't forced. While this is a whole new avenue for Trapstar, the pieces weren't too out of reach for the direction we see Trapstar going in. It hit the perfect balance of familiarity and novelty, not to mention the familiar faces we saw in the campaign.

Unfortunately, the Trapstar account hasn't got the most extensive amount of posts to see the true evolution but the way they’ve evolved from their signature tracksuits and t-shirts to collabs with Avriex, Cough, Syrup LA and more shows how open mindedness and change can do you well. I think expanding into the American market is a smart move for the brand just because of American street culture and Trapstar's brand identity. It’ll be intriguing to see further collabs they’ll rollout and how frequently we will see them. It seems the collabs are the future strategy for them to tap into new styles and markets but I also hope they keep expanding without relying on them because the way they've developed their design over time in the past 2 years is impressive.

Big up Trapstar


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