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The war on skinny jeans is serious right now 😂.

I asked for your hot takes a while back and this is one that stood out, mainly because I’ve seen people still have a lot of loyalty to skinny / slimmer jeans. The norm right now is baggy and oversized fits meaning anything that's not that will get people talking.

It's funny the way the tables have turned because skinny jeans were actually once the norm, you couldn't be caught wearing baggy jeans unless you wanted the current skinny jean treatment.

Part of me wonders if they ever still really left because certain styles and aesthetics actually work better with skinnier silhouettes, especially if you're more on the slimmer / sleeker side. I still see people pull off outfits with the skinner bottoms, believe it or not.

It makes me wonder if skinny jeans will ever be the norm again pushing out the baggy pants. I really cant tell but anything can happen in fashion.

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