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When a mix of irony and even biology inspires your brand, you’re bound to come up with out of the box products and that’s why today we’re discovering Madfrenzy.

The brand just dropped their winter collection titled «Dope-Tex» featuring all your winter staples including Puffer Jackets, half fingerless gloves and a beanie. While the collection is fly, we still gotta explore that brand on a broader sense.

Earlier this year, a personal product from the brand’s creative director started to gain traction. The viral Spiked Shoes due to be released soon. Both spiked shoes and hoodie were inspired by defensive organisms and punk culture at the same time. The brand has playful undertones as they don’t take themselves too seriously often poking fun at the fashion industry with their ironic designs including the “fuck” gloves or “Dope-Tex” puffers, «dumb-rella» and their “it’s so hard to make stuff” shirt. Here’s a little more about what the brand had to say on one of their drops.

“From collection to collection we’re trying to create new technologies or reinvent the existing ones.

For example: Fake Denim project. We just thought it’s gonna be cool if we collaborate with an airbrush artist to create every detail of jeans, then scan it, print scanned details on canvas and then produce a batch from it. It’s like creating some artistic 1/1 pieces but making a system out of it. We were ahead of this trend when released it in 2022. A year later big brands like Balenci started doing the same.”

With global expansion on their mind, having done Fashion Week Showrooms in both Paris and Tokyo, the brand aims to do pop-ups starting next year.

“The most important thing for us is to keep innovations and fun coming. We’re also trying to make it as independent as possible without any big investors behind us.”

Head over to their page to stay up to date with Spiked Shoe drop and other products.

Creative Director

Seva Olenin

Producer in Chief

Vadim Neumeikov


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