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Designers that worked for Yeezy, some of which you may not have known.

Kanye’s sphere of influence in the fashion world spreads beyond the colour palettes and silhouettes that he helped to popularise in the late 2010’s. Many designers who worked as part of the teams at Yeezy and Donda have gone on to start their own brands which were accepted by the fashion community.

Images: LVMH, Interview magazine, Ollie A, Wikipedia, Samuel F, Luke W, NY Times, callmeyo , Dazed, Exhibition Magazine

Virgil - One of the first designers to work at Donda and very important to the development of the early Yeezy seasons

Matthew Williams - Involved in early development of Yeezy and recently modelled for YZYSZN 9

Heron Preston - Was an art director at Yeezy and heavily involved in the early seasons

Justin Saunders - Was a key member of Ye’s creative early creative team

Samuel Ross - Was a creative assistant at Yeezy in 2013 under Virgil

Mowalola - Was the design director of Yeezy GAP

Salehe Bembury - Was hired to design footwear for YZYSZN 3 and 4 in 2015

Dylan Richards and Seb Hunt - Worked as ghost stylists & designers for Yeezy from 2015 to 2020

Dingyung Zhang - Worked at Yeezy as both a footwear and clothing designer, notably working on the Foam Runners

Greg Ross - Worked as a designer and stylist for Yeezy, notably many of the designs for YZYSZN 9


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