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Ethnic Korean Designer, Kyoni is depicting his clothes through the use of visual imagery.

Kyoni brings a new perspective on how a brand can be presented through his unique mixed media aesthetic. Their mixed media is composed of a range of obscure imagery showcasing distorted faces often in the form of collages. The imagery is then finished off with a worn out, grainy look and a colour palette exuding cold and negative hues. This is all done through the use of canvases, paint and paper. The offering of art pieces with its specialised aesthetic allows the brand to stand out.

Their Armour Bomber Jacket, Rib Cage Ring and hoodie featuring distressed panels are just some of their signature pieces with their KWD Jacket also being a headline worthy piece.

The designer aims to look at clothes through the lens of visual images and states how “We cannot influence the number of images created in the world, but we can change our perception of them through our own filter.”

Head over to Kyoni to see more of the brand!


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