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We’re living in an age where companies are becoming more design aware and hangers seem to have caught on to the effects of this trend. Throughout the year, designers have taken on hangers as canvases to showcase their artistry. Hangers are inherently boring and the fashion industry is increasingly becoming oversaturated so hangers are actually genius tools to set yourself apart and position yourself above competition. In a competitive market, you want to use whatever leverage you have to stand out and I believe branding is a key way to do that. Now not everything seems too good to be true, and of course, this idea can come with its own issues such as production costs, manufacturing & logistics and its actual usability. You have to consider how it can affect the shape of your clothes over time and the potential health and safety risks when we look at some of these designs. Nonetheless, I'm a fan of this trend and I'm intrigued to see more. I think they should be seen more from an artistic perspective as opposed to a functional one. Let me know what you think.


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