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Signature Element is the brand bringing fresh approach on streetwear bridging the gap between refined aesthetics and a more instinctual, unapologetic approach to fashion. Stemming from the love of youth culture, Signature Element is about extreme styling, experimental photography and high quality pieces.

What’s the message behind the brand?

Signature Element is the documentation of moods and times we’re going through. We create experimental wearable pieces that reflects the current state of our perception of youth. It’s an organic process, capturing the essence of my friends’ lives through photography. Hailing from Siberia, where I was locked in for 18 years and which is unreachable for many people, I draw inspiration from it’s cultural diversity, particularly the Asian influences that surrounded us.

What’s the end vision for the brand?

We really want to make it more physical (offline) this year. Such high-quality detailed garments deserve to be experienced beyond screens. The new “uniSEx” motto has just entered the brand. We always created unisex pieces. And also some feminine stuff. Womensline expansion is coming for sure. S.E. is focused on expanding our reach beyond Japan and establishing a presence in Europe, particularly in Paris. This transition will likely bring stylistic changes, and we’re excited to unveil more elements. Footwear is also a significant focus. We didn’t show much things after spiked shoes, but some boundary-pushing designs are in the works. Good things take time.

You said most of your customers are from Japan, why do you think you have a good connection with them?

I think it’s because of SE’s Siberian roots. Siberia has historically had strong ties with Japanese shared import. We had a huge tendency for japanese products. Cars, goods, electronics. Siberia is Asia geographically and technically. Japan was the closest land except China. When I grown up I started to like how youth of Japan dresses, it influenced my graphic works and Signature Element clothing a lot. Dense, robust, heavy, durable, utilitarian, unisex.


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