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Choi Studio is a Korean brand currently based in Georgia, Europe.

The logoless brand embraces simplicity through a heavy focus on materials, colours and fit as opposed to prints and further branding. This derives from their aim to be a slow fashion brand not driven by hype or trends. The brand aims to hit all elements of an outfit with each capsule they release with a heavy focus on heavy fabrics, quality & longevity as well as the comfort and fit of their clothes.

For their latest collection, they headed to a historic place in Georgia where the country won an important victory 900 years ago. This marked the start of the country's Golden Age. Despite their Victory, the swords st UK in the ground honour those who lost their lives. Choi takes this as a hint of the "reality around us. You have to pay for everything. What matters is that what we achieve is worth it."

The collection includes:

⁃ cropped mohair sweaters in grey and beige shades

⁃ cardigan of the same design, cobalt blue.

⁃ baggy cargo & jeans made of thick Italian denim

⁃ cropped eco-leather jacket

⁃ bomber jacket made of eco-leather with Thinsulate filling

To find out more about the drop, head to Choi Studios and shop now

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