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The long-awaited Spiked Shoes have finally dropped!

Having shared a variety of strong visual campaigns and teaser images, It’s been a year since @madfrenzy & @sevaolenin_ first previewed this product. The pair is available online and later can purchased in 4 stores around Asia (Seoul, Hong Kong, Fukuoka, Shizuoka) and some spots in Europe (Milan, Paris).

The eye catching nature of the chunky mule makes it a great addition to a slew of versatile outfits. Coming in a reusable canvas bag, you’re due to get a further surprise in the packaging which includes a very thick and glossy A3 poster.

But why did it take so long to release these? Seva gave us an insight into the realities of dropping footwear.

The hardest part is finding a right agent / supplier in China. There are many in the game, but only a few of them understand the difference between mass market product and limited designer product. We wanted to make a high quality piece, which don’t look like $10 flip flops purchased via BeachBoy. Expensive packaging, manual finishing, quality control and many other things.

Last year we planned to drop the shoe with Zellerfeld, but the production queue was too long and the product turned out not that affordable.

Another interesting part is money. How much you’ll spend really depends on your manufacturer (and a bit on your luck). Moulds can cost 2-3k per shoe size. Air cargo shipping to the warehouse is about 8k. Packaging is around 3k because of the moq. We were forced to purchase 5 times more boxes than shoes.. Our manufacturer was only able to produce the first small batch (600 pairs) if we commit to longterm partnership. Turned out that they’re pretty enthusiastic about making it look accurate, being precise in every step.

How does it feel wearing them?

“We improved a lot of moments since last year, now they’re completely comfortable to spend a day in. You only need to break them in for day or two. They fit pretty tight so you can wear them with socks for walks and daily activities; or jump in with bare feet if you’re near the pool using them like flip flops.

I personally been wearing them for a pretty long time. I like that they start looking more matte the more you wear them. They boost every fit with baggy pants or shorts. The walls of the shoe are pretty thick, especially on the toecap area, so the shoes do not heavily deform and should last for long.

The shoes are available now via their store.


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