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Hailing out of Lagos, Nigeria, Thirsty Laboratory introduces the highly-anticipated Jeanius Sanitarium v2.0.0 campaign. The collection represents the fusion of streetwear arts and culture, showcasing a diverse range of custom denim pieces accompanied by additional items. The brand debuted this at the prestigious Milan Fashion Simulation Show with the campaign celebrating creativity, craftsmanship and pushing boundaries. While the collection has already garnered attention and acclaim from fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders alike, Thirsty Labs looks to make make a significant impact in the world of fashion as its global presence continues to grow. Parts of their vision is to become trailblazers in the industry by elevating streetwear to new heights with its artistic and culturally inspired designs.

Through every stitch and wash, Thirtsy Labs are committed to innovation and quality with designs embodying the essence of modernity while staying true to timeless styles for the individuals seeking to express themselves through clothing.

As the brand embarks on a new chapter, I welcome you to join them on their rise.


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