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Spencer Badu, the Ghanaian-Canadian designer, has just previewed his collection 012 arriving today and it's packed with plenty of substance.

The designer expresses how "Uniform" is rooted in his design approach and continues to use that motif to challenge and provide a solution for the multitude of juxtapositions he explores in this collection. These include conformity vs non-conformity, Ghana vs Canada, fitting in vs standing out, systems vs spontaneity, past vs future as well as the "excess of choices, options and trends."

In his own words, Spencer described Collection 012 as "a manifestation of what it means to be in-between, without resorting to these opposite ends of binary structures”.

The collection sees Western minimalism meet African culture and embody itself over streetwear staples such as denim jackets, varsity knits, cargo pants and baggy jeans. The designs aren't very loud in terms of graphics and branding but the colours and symbolism of Spencer's Ghanaian roots are evident. How Spencer struck the perfect balance between two completely separate worlds amazes me. A few designs also see several exaggerations of traditional fits such as excessive hems, ultra-low-waisted jeans and ultra-baggy silhouettes over a mix of denim, workwear, performancewear pieces and more.

Get ready for Spencer Badus collection coming Friday the 11th of August.


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