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After being born in Ghana, later immigrating to Germany and then finally settling in the UK, Kelvin Prempeh founded his brand, Soulrange. Honing in on the brand name, Soulrange aims to expand the boundaries of one's soul while also fostering connections with others. The grand vision is to create a platform for individuals to showcase their talents in a realm of creativity. This brand essence is personified by Kelvin himself, a visionary and catalyst of inspiration. As Kelvin reflected on his own journey, he pushes open mindedness and the belief that determination can make all things attainable.

In his latest collection, the designer looks back on his past and draws inspiration from the youthful memories of playing football with friends in vibrant jerseys near Dusseldorf's hometown stadium. Kelvin describes these nostalgic memories as bright, positive and joyful.

Feeling these emotions is one thing, but wearing them is another and Soulrange provides just that. Explore the world of Soulrange and discover the "Vivid Nostalgia" collection at

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