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With their first drop doing so well, helping them reach almost 10k followers alone, @cyvist are back with their second drop.

Their signature Webbed Denim features a baggy silhouette with flared fit at the bottom. It's then topped off with distressed details in the shape of a spider web with additional distressing along the cuff and waist belt of the trouser. While the original colourway is restocking, were also getting a second lighter colourway with it. Lastly, the drop also includes a Studded Raglan Zip-Up Hoodie with a washed texture, specific cuts on the hoodie, an extended fit on the hoodie revealing only the eye area and studs going from front to back on top of the hoodie. This hoodie is then finished off with a small CYVIST logo embedded on the right chest.

While the products themselves are fire, the presentation for me is the highlight of this collection. I'm very big on how brands present themselves with images and their social media and CYVIST has got this on lock. CYVIST hit the streets of Prague, Czech (where they're based out of) and shot a whole compilation of dark & mysterious flicks enhanced by image manipulation through distortion, glitch effects and motion blur effects.

The aesthetic CYVIST brings forward will match a lot of people's styles, especially young fashion enthusiasts. If CYVIST stays delivering high-quality products while maintaining and developing its current aesthetic, it can easily make a name for itself in this space. Being out of a country not known for its fashion brands is also something I think adds to their brand.

Don't miss out on a second chance to cop Webbed Denim from @cyvist this Saturday 22nd April.


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