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standing by the motto of “High End Gems created by Passion and Pain”, it’s clear to see why they got the cover image because that denim jacket embodies exactly that.


A brand creeping up on that 1k mark quickly just like they’re creeping up on the streets of Milan with their Yang Pant and Korben Jacket. Both pieces alone are more than enough to take them over that milestone.


Firstly, someone tell the owner @mvpjase to drop that LdnIsBurning Sample bag. Secondly, alongside their well thought out and intricate pieces, this is a brand heavily into their womenswear bag with their Denim skirt showing just a glimpse of their potential.


While it’s still in its early stages the branding and samples, show a very promising journey coming up.

Heaven Gallery

Keeping the Asian streets comfy, step by step, Heaven Gallery slides will ensure you’re stepping correct wherever you go.


another brand in its early stages, their Denim Set is looking A1 and is due to launch in December. The branding and aesthetics seem to be coming together well meaning we have another promising brand on our hands.


This European brand didn’t come to play. One look at their pieces shows they know their design language, aesthetic and direction. Rightfully, they’re not far from that 1k mark.

Ray X

A brand embracing the American spirit, especially for its black community is something new and refreshing. Their distressed denim pieces are the cherry on top of their unique brand concept.

Samuel Wesson Quibell

completing university and then dropping that graduate collection undoubtedly makes you a force to be reckoned with. The talent and design IQ is there. It seems like he’s got the design skill naturally making it look flawless.


The brand name says otherwise but you better keep this brand in your mind. This brand understands the value of product photography and aesthetics to a high level. To top it off, they’ve balanced that well with simple designs that still elevate your look.


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