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UpNext [S1:E2]: Ace

Welcome to UpNext! The series where we feature underground brands, brand owners, influencers, designers and various other underground fashion creatives. Think of it as a short documentary or mini-biography into the background and behind the scenes of the people we feature. This is to give you a deeper insight of creatives in the underground scene and of course bring you awareness to what’s around underground!

This episode features Ace.


Getting to know Ace

Ace or Abraham Eneh describes himself as a man of overall creativity but more centralised to being known as a designer. He is originally based out of Colchester however attends University at Hertfordshire studying architecture.

Ace comes from a Nigerian, Palestinian and Egyptian Background but was born and raised in Louth, Ireland. After moving to Dublin, Ireland for some time when he was about 3 he later settled in Colchester, UK at the age of 15.

Ace has always been a creative character ranging his interests from drawing to painting to graphic design. He remembers having an unknown interest in fashion when his mother gave him the privilege to start dressing himself. He also had a deep interest in graphic design.

Furthermore Ace also owned a YouTube channel in which he enjoyed designing his page with banners and thumbnails.

Other life interests included hip hop dancing, basketball and track making him an overall active kid

Developing Style

Ace recalls his earliest interest in fashion being at the age of 8 in which he would receive a lot of clothes he asked for.

This was during the “Swag Era” where the trend was snapbacks, flannels, chinos etc. Ace was one of the kids that always dressed differently and stood out the most. He remembers his mum being very fond of buying him and his siblings’ clothes from Zara and United Colours of Benetton meaning this is where his clothing was standardised leading to his high concept of fashion and colour combinations.

As his style developed, Ace went through several different styles from Swag Era, with your snapbacks and high tops, to UK Streetwear to HypeBeast to Experimentation between the HypeBeast and Streetwear era.

He describes his style now as between streetwear and developing high fashion with his style being inspired by Arts, Aesthetics, City Life and Cartoons.

Its beyond fashion

When I asked Ace about what he would describe his personal vibe and aesthetic like

He simply replied “75 – The lifestyle for body, soul and mind”

Like I said though, it’s beyond fashion. While being a fashionista, Ace is also an architecture student with 3 businesses as well as “many more projects to come”. These include 75studiosgfx, his freelance graphic design company/ a clothing brand known as “75 Shots Ahead” and a cap customisation company called FITTED.

The Future Ace

Ace believes that the older he gets the more he will invest in fashion as there’s always space to learn no matter what you know so he definitely sees his style revolving even more.

He sees himself growing in the creative industry in different departments but mainly in architecture and fashion

If you want to stay updated on Ace and his journey you can follow him on all the socials below!

Instagram – @acechatter

TikTok – @abrahamx75

Twitter – @acechatter1

Youtube – Abraham X


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