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UpNext [S1:E1]: What actually is UNDISCOVERED?

Welcome to UpNext! The series where we feature underground brands, brand owners, influencers, designers and various other underground fashion creatives. Think of it as a short documentary or mini-biography into the background and behind the scenes of the people we feature. This is to give you a deeper insight of creatives in the underground scene and of course bring you awareness to what’s around underground!

This episode features UNDISCOVERED. We’ll be covering what the platform is, what we do, and more!




UNDISCOVERED is a fashion platform that features and gives exposure to new and upcoming clothing brands around the globe. Based out of the UK, this platform was found in December 2019. We share the hottest brands through various social platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Tiktok and Pinterest.

UNDISCOVERED is currently a one-man team ran by me but I look to expand this in the near future. I started this platform for multiple reasons.

– To do more in the fashion industry other than just running a clothing brand, which was my initial intention

– To know and stay updated with the hottest upcoming brands

– and To help me gain experience and knowledge on how to run a clothing brand eventually

UNDISCOVERED started off as a side hustle/hobby, however after redirecting some ideas and focus, it slowly turned into something I wanted to turn into a career. Now I run this platform seriously with the intention to turn it into a full blown career bringing as much value as possible to the underground fashion industry.

I’ve experienced and know the struggle of running a brand and so I decided I want to help and make it easier for the brands who put in the work to reach their max potential. UNDISCOVERED is way more than what you see and the vision I have for this is actually crazy.

I hope to expand into more business ventures within UNDISCOVERED as well as drop collabs and merch. Eventually, I hope I can tap into other fields and niches with this platform.

Why And How It Started

Now I’m an indecisive person so when before I started this platform, I was trying to think from a range of names to call this platform while struggling to pick one.

Some of these names included: The Underground or The Unknown. I just needed a name that summed up what I do and what the platform is about and from there I settled on UNDISCOVERED, which I think is the perfect name for this.

From there, I wrote down anything and everything I had planned for UNDISCOVERED onto a doc sheet that ranged from next steps to take all the way to the content I’ll create and value that I’ll bring to the industry.

I then created a website and from there I made supporting social media platforms and wrote a few articles. After redirecting my focus a little, I ended up with what I have now.

I didn’t think a lot of pages did this but the first page I discovered was StayGroundead until finding out about the main guy in the industry AVNT Space.

From there I looked at how I can stand out from the rest of the similar pages which I think I’ve done very well, let me know what you think though below.

On a day to day basis, behind the scenes. I respond to DMs and comments, chop it up with followers, plan new business ideas, set up posts and implement techniques to continuously grow my page.

Our platform offers an array of features which range from Instagram and beyond!

Our most common type of feature is a feed post which is basically a post on our Instagram page. Which comes with additional features.

We also offer 2 types of story features which is an ordinary story share of your choice or our Hot or Not story share.

We also have to 2 types of features that are hosted on our blog and Instagram guides. This is the Drops and Collections Post and our Droplist.

Now you can also get a feature on our Fashion Drops of the Week, with either a sponsored post in the video or either being part of the actual top drops but this space is not guaranteed.

And if you ever feel like sending us samples of your drops or collections another feature we’d offer is review videos on those

Other minor features we do is Twitter posts, Pinterest posts and Tiktok/reel shares

Our Plans Going Forward

Going forward the main focus is to just continue growing the page. The main goal is 5K this year with the extended goal of that being 10K. I also aim to monetise my platform in efforts to open new business ventures that can bring the underground brand industry further. One of the business ventures will be opening a store for underground brands and maybe even an app to go along with it. I’m Also looking at dropping merch and collabs with clothing brands. I can go on and on with the ideas I have but we’d be here for time. So with that being said, stay tuned to the platform, follow us on insta and get us to 5k. Follow our other socials and subscribe to our email list to stay updated with what we do always.

This was the first episode of UpNext featuring ourselves, let us know who you want us to feature next!

Make sure to share this post around so people know what we’re about. If you have any questions leave them below. Don’t forget to check out our feature list below if you’re looking to get featured on our platform!

Hope you enjoyed!

Get us to 5K!


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