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UNDISCOVERED Reviews: Vague “Motorsport” T-Shirt Review

Welcome back to another review article. We’ve finally been able to restart this series after doing our first one in April last year.

Today we will be reviewing the Motosport T-shirt from Vague. This came from their “Motorsport” Collection that released on the 5th of June.

Now as you can see with the T, there is a lot going on, it’s an eye-catching piece for sure. Therefore let’s take a dive into the inspiration behind this T.

This t-shirt design was inspired after the name of a Formula One race car titled the “Eagle MK1” (mainly known as the Eagle T1G). The car itself was designed by Len Terry in the mid 1900s for the All American Racers team and made its debut during Formula One’s 1966 season. After its first four races, a newer version of the car was introduced and ended up winning the 1967 Belgian Grand Prix. This is our way of paying homage to a vehicle considered to be “one of the most beautiful Grand Prix cars ever raced at the top levels of international motorsport.”

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That being said, let’s get into this review.


The t-shirt came in plain red plastic packaging which was easy to open as well as easily resealable.

No complaints here but it’s always nice to see when brands take it step further and personalize packaging or make it unique. At the same time, I understand the high costs of this and that it’s not always ideal for starting up brands.

Product Description

The shirt is made out of 100% premium cotton which it definitely feels like I must say. It’s also a cut and sew piece adding up to about 8 ounces.

Another thing to add is that it’s an oversized, heavyweight T with an all-over print. As you can see the base print is a red and white thunder located on the upper to mid half of the shirt from the back and front as well as sleeves. The secondary layer of print is the eagle face large and right in the centre of the T. Lastly this is accompanied by “Vague/Motorsport” text, printed right under the eagle face in a colourway combo of Red and Yellow.

One thing that was also included was the inside label print. I always rate when clothing brands go the extra mile in branding and have inside shirt labels, it really adds to the brand and effort.


To reiterate on the quality, this is definitely one of the best feeling shirts in my wardrobe but it’s also very different. I’m more used to thinner and stretchier material so to have something thicker and rugged is an excellent addition to my wardrobe which I appreciate a lot.

I also think that the oversized fit adds to the comfort as it fits looser around the body. To elaborate on the fit I realized the shirt was longer and dropped lower on my arms and shoulders. This was due to the difference between a US medium and a UK medium .

Now I originally fit a size medium however I realised that the US and UK have different sizing charts so a US size medium isn’t the same as a UK size medium so upon trying it on, I did notice it had a larger fit than expected. Am I complaining? Again I appreciate it, I have a different oversized T in my wardrobe and this is on another level overused which I like. It’s something different, something new. If you are UK And want a smaller medium it might be a good idea to go a size down instead of getting the original medium unless you like the fit of a US style medium. As for Americans you already know the drill so you can stick with the normal sizing.

To improve…

I’m gonna be honest, there really isn’t anything to say for this segment. The shirt came well designed and in perfect condition. Other people may have different opinions when they buy it but as for me.

The Verdict

To summarise, I’m glad to receive this product as it’s a good addition to my wardrobe that brings something new and different to my style and I think it’s a good piece to start expanding it from.

I’ve had an increasing interest in graphic Ts, especially oversized ones. My favourite aspect of this T is the size and fit. I feel like this is another piece you can style with a lot of things but I think the best it would go with is cargos and some sort of chunky shoe. However, recently I have been wearing them with shorts a lot and I think it could also work with jeans.

When it comes to rating this product I think I would give it a 4.5/5

If you’re looking to cop this product, check their website below and also look at the rest of their collection as it includes other fire products which I’m looking at copping. Their Instagram will also be linked below.

To close off, if you have a product that you like to send to us and review, be sure to message us on Instagram and we can get that sorted. I won’t be able to review everything so it will be selective but I try to get round to everything.

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Thank you


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