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UNDISCOVERED REVIEWS: S.A.D Inside Puff Print T-Shirt Review!

In today’s review article, we will be reviewing the S.A.D Inside Puff Print T from Sad Antix.

This is actually a brand based out of Massachusetts, US. The owner was 15 when they started this brand in January 2017 which they started to express themselves creatively. Contrary to belief, S.A.D actually ironically stands for Smile All Day. So it seems like the brand is all about positivity which I think everyone can appreciate.

The shirt dropped about a month ago and is now retailing for literally under 21 dollars. Now, this is a crazy piece I’m stoked to receive as this is really out of my comfort zone in terms of style and at the same time it’s the first puff print piece in my wardrobe which I’ve also been looking to get my hands on lately. It’s what really pushed me to say yes to reviewing this. 

If you have a product that you like to send to us and review, be sure to message us on Instagram and we can get that sorted. 

That being said, let’s get into this review.


Now, this was very refreshing to review as it was a break from the norm. As you can see, the t-shirt came in a clear plastic bag that was wrapped in a white plastic bag that has a big SAD Antix logo printed on it. I’m really digging the logo as the globe looks almost hand-drawn and not too serious playing on well with the whole brand message. Lastly, what really put the packaging experience up there was the sticker that came with it. 

For all the new brands out there, freebies like stickers, notes etc actually go a long way with your customers and their shopping experience with you. This isn’t something they forget and can also be a great marketing technique as it’s something they can easily show off in their stories. So getting this sticker definitely made this unpacking experience better

Product Description

As you can see, there’s not much to say for the description of t. It’s literally your regular white t laced off with a light blue puff print centred on the T.

Honing in on the puff print, you can kind of see the thickness of it from this angle. I’ve always been intrigued by this 3D print look, leading me to look at how the print was created as I wanted to find out what type of print it was and sure enough it was a screen print like I suspected.

Staying back on topic though, I really do wish you guys could feel this print as that’s where you really see the thickness of it. The print feels like really good quality and something durable that can actually last. I also like the little frowning face highlighted on the circle, just goes to show the detail the brand is willing to put in. 

Lastly, one thing I always appreciate is the inside label print on a t-shirt. To me, it just gives your brand a serious and professional look as it makes me think your brand has come together cohesively.


The t-shirt is also oversized just as I was hoping. I feel like this type of print would only work oversized clothing, I can’t imagine it on a slimmer fit t-shirt. As for sizing, I got this in a size medium my usual size and I don’t really have complaints as it fits very well, specifically around the torso and waist, the length of how far this t goes is also a plus. That’s how I mainly like my Ts

To improve

As usual, I don’t always have much to say for this section but I’d hate to be that guy who gives no constructive feedback to brands. So if I’m being picky and honest, this t could feel a little better specifically around the sleeves and shoulders and traps. I’m not saying it’s uncomfortable but it’s something to get slightly used to by obviously wearing it. I would also say that the sleeves could run a little looser, but it could be just me problem as I do like to work out a lot. That’s all the general feedback I have for improvements.

The Verdict

I’ll be so real, the T looks better than it does on Instagram. I’ll be lying if I said my expectations have not been exceeded. I never saw myself wearing a T like this until I actually received it but I’ve been experimenting with styles recently trying to get out of my comfort zone and this T I feel is a good addition to this little experiment.

I figured baggy jeans and a few accessories was the way to go for this. I don’t know what it is but there’s something about a white t and accessories that has such a clean look to it. Lastly I also really like the slightly dropped shoulder on the T complimenting the oversized fit.

To finish off I would rate this product a 4.4/5

You can still pick some of these Ts up so I’ll leave a link to their website and insta below. 

That’s it for the review today, if you have a product that you like to send to us to review, be sure to message us on Instagram and we can get that sorted. I won’t be able to review everything so it will be selective but I try to get round to everything. 


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