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UNDISCOVERED Reviews: Alt Studios T-Shirt Review!

Welcome back to another review, today We will be reviewing the Alt Globe T from Alt Studios.

If you have a product that you like to send to us and review, be sure to message us on Instagram and we can get that sorted.

That being said, let’s get into this review.


The packaging came in a plain white plastic bag, usually the norm for clothing brands these days.

Product Description

Now when it comes to the design on the T I actually think it’s a fire design, no pun intended.

The graphical printed on a black T and showcases what looks to be the world engulfed in flames around its edges. It is then finished off with “ALT” written over the world graphic. The A in Alt is also substituted for the Anarchy sign, a common motif in underground fashion.

At first, I wasn’t too sure if the colour of the world which is slightly turquoise would work with the colours of red and orange flames but Alt have actually managed to make it work.

And when I actually look closer at the graphic I think the print job was amazing in terms of getting the colours and gradients right, along with the details. Especially the fire print. I feel like this is a print that can easily be messed up but it seems to have come out good.

As for the weight of the product, there’s not much to say apart from that it’s basically the same weight as your basic regular fit T.

The shirt is also what I believe made out of 100% cotton and also comes in a grey colourway .


I will say that it isn’t one of the comfiest shirts I own however the sizing came correct and I believe that the comfort is something that I will just have to get used to over time since it’s a new T. I got a size medium which fits perfectly for me. I would probably go up a size for an oversized fit as these t-shirts have a more regular fit rather than an oversized one but this is not a complaint.

I can also start to see a few cracks in the print of the T but I feel like this is something that compliments the T as it matures so I feel like that effect will come out nicely down the line.I have seen this same effect with another T in my wardrobe.

To Improve…

I feel like the main thing Alt can improve is the material of the T for extra comfort. It’s not like it’s a seriously needed improvement or that the product is unbearable but I’d say it would take alt studios the extra mile if they considered it.

Lastly, I would also say an inside label would’ve been nice as well as a little cleaner stitch work on the T

The Verdict

In summary, I’m glad I got another graphic T in the books. I’d actually say it looks better in real life than it does online and that’s a big plus.

I feel like it’s very versatile in terms of what you want to style it with, which if you think about it is another plus. I will say I wish I went for size Large to get that nice oversized fit but it’s no problem on their end.

My favourite aspect of the T, will obviously have to be the graphic design on it as I believe a great job was done on it which came out well.

I would rate this product a 3.9/5

I will leave a link to their Instagram and website below so you can pick yourself one up.

To close off, if you have a product that you like to send to us and review, be sure to message us on Instagram and we can get that sorted. I won’t be able to review everything so it will be selective but I will try to get round to everything.


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