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UNDISCOVERED Reviews: Bane Croc Review!

Today we’ll be reviewing the Bane Croc. Now if you missed our last review go and make sure you check that one out too .

This is Bane’s own take on one of the most polarising pieces of footwear, Crocs. These were released by Bane in February retailing for $29.99 plus shipping.

With the recent rising popularity and comeback of the Croc, a lot of brands decided to make their own custom versions and Bane was the first custom I was able to get my hands and eyes on.

If you have a product that you like to send to us and review, be sure to message us on Instagram and we can get that sorted.

That being said, let’s get into this review.


When it comes to packaging it comes in your basic plain white plastic bag which is the norm for clothing brands nowadays.

Product Description

As for the croc aka Broc, it comes in an off white colourway with a slight beige tint to it. I just say when I saw it on Instagram it definitely had a more beige look to it, making me think it came in a more beige colour rather than the brighter white it actually came in. Once again not really a complaint as I understand that it’s just part of the editing process for product pictures.

The croc is finished off with a print of the skeletal structure of the toes, I’m not convinced they are human toes as they’re quite long but that’s not something too significant. This also accompanied with the hexagonal holes as opposed to the circular holes your regular crocs may have.

The shoe is also made out of EVA and has a rather minimalist look to it excluding the print. The insole also comes with dotted padding to add extra comfort to the shoe.

The weight of the product was also surprisingly light upon arrival which can be a plus depending on your perspective. It definitely was for me, not for any particular reason, more so because I expected it to be a bit heavier.


As for the quality, I don’t have anything to complain about especially since it’s still in good condition with a little wear and tear. It’s also very comfortable, probably the comfiest shoes I have right now. And for a person who more used to wearing sliders which are comfy themselves, I can appreciate something that’s even comfier

As for the sizing, I recommend going with your normal size. I think I went for a size 8-9 and it fits pretty much perfectly. It’s also a quite bulky shoe especially in terms of width but has a lot of room for movement as it fits quite loosely around the foot, I think this also adds to the comfort of the shoe. It almost reminds me of the Balenciaga Triple S. You can also expect a bit of extra height with the thick sole it has.

To Improve…

There’s not much I would say to improve about this croc except that maybe more branding could’ve been done on the heel strap as you can see the original croc logo on the side.

Additionally, maybe a better printing method could have been used for the skeletal toes as you can see the print already having cracks in it. However, I guess you can say that’s expected with wear and tear so it’s honestly that big of an issue.

The Verdict

Overall, I really enjoyed this product and it’s what I expected, I was also looking to expand my footwear collection especially for homewear and I feel like a croc like that was a good addition to it.

My favourite aspect of it is the comfort and versatility it comes with. I prefer styling them with high socks and shorts but it pretty much works with anything you try on. The design is also dope and very streetwear esque making it a perfect addition to your streetwear wardrobe

It also garnered some attention and a few compliments so it’s obvious they a good piece of work.

To summarise I would rate the product and 4.1/5.

I would say get this product if you’re considering it didn’t think it would be a good addition to your wardrobe. I’m not sure if they’re still selling them but I will leave their website below. I’ll also leave their Instagram pages below so you can contact them in case you have any queries.

To close off, if you have a product that you like to send to us and review, be sure to message us on Instagram and we can get that sorted. I won’t be able to review everything so it will be selective but I try to get round to everything.


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