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UNDISCOVERED Reviews: Aesthetic Awareness Magazine Review!

In today’s review we will be reviewing the first issue of the Aesthetic Awareness Magazine.

Now, this magazine actually released on the 9th of last month retailing for £15. The first issue is dedicated to growth. In Particular audience growth and potential growth. Through their interviews, the featured designers detail their triumphs, challenges, goals for the future and their life before starting their brands.

The designers featured include



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That being said, let’s get into this review


As for the packaging I actually forgot what it was like lol, i received this ages ago and threw it away after so well just skip this section lol

Product Description

The magazine comes with a 350GSM Gloss Laminated Cover with the 124 pages of content being printed on 130GSM Silk paper.

The pages inside are light pastel colour with the text being printed bigger than usual.

The front cover displays Aesthetic Awareness as the masthead accompanied with Issue – 01 right beneath the right side of text.

The front image also features someone modelling the Sage in Utopias Plant in a Shell Jacket with green scenery behind it. Lastly it displays the features in the magazine on the left side.

Quality and Content

As for the quality, I don’t have much to say except that it seems good. It feels well constructed and very sturdy. Actually better than other magazines I’ve read from bigger companies and I’m not the biggest magazine guy.

As for the content, I’d say it’s a great selection of articles and topics to write about. The content basically covers designers and their journeys with the growth of their Instagram pages and brands. It also has the lessons learnt by Aesthetic Awareness regarding growth. The first page of the magazine before big followed by the context page elaborates on the issue of growth additionally the platform, its owner and Instagram in general. The last page is a thank you page that pays homage to his family, friends, girlfriend and other artists and pages that inspired him.

If you’re a small brand or someone thinking of starting something creatively for this industry I recommend this as a pickup as it has great insights that will teach you early lessons as well as give you little motivation from people about the journeys of certain creatives.

To improve…

If we were to be harsh you could say that the quality of some images could have come out better but if you know anything about manufacturing magazines, it’s very expensive. So this is actually expected and not a concern for me. Plus this is the first issue so there’s always room for improvement in forthcoming issues.

I would also say the layout and text is a little unorthodox compared to the typical magazine for example the text is a bit large, different fonts and background colours are sued but something tells me that was done with intent and if that’s the case, i dont think thats too much of an issue either.

The Verdict

I think this a very good effort from Aesthetic Awareness and is also a good step for pages like ours as it brings something different to the industry and just gives another route of exposure for brands.

I can also appreciate the time and effort put into getting this together as I’ve had slight experience in creating magazines so I know for a fact this was a bit hectic for them to plan out the pages and layout, get all the articles and look for suitable prices to put this together. I can’t wait to see what they got planned for the next issue

I would rate this product a 4/5 and recommend this to small and startup brands especially, definitely a worth it pickup.

I’m going to leave their Instagram page below and leave a link to buy it from their website.

To close off, if you have a product that you like to send to us and review, be sure to message us on Instagram and we can get that sorted. I won’t be able to review everything so it will be selective but I try to get round to everything.


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