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Read or Watch, You Pick!

We’re halfway through 2023 and we’ve been in no shortage of drops. As you know, we keep you updated on the best drops every single week within our Drops of The Week Series. I’ve gone back through all of them (over 270 drops) and compiled the best drops of 2023 so far.

p.s the blog is split into two parts so make sure you read the continued version linked at the end.

Corteiz Air Max 95

Shine Luxury Studios Bomber Jacket

Menace LA God Willing Varsity

Nobody Solutions x Yalocaloffgod Airpod Max Attachments

Badson Vessel Collection

Endorphins Release Reptilian Wallets

Living Product Earpod Max

Bradley Kirkham Black Caiman Racer

Fugazi Shits

Years of Tears Cafe Racers

BBS* Rib Cage Duffle

House of Errors Topo 01s

Corteiz Football Jerseys

No Faith Studios Raum 233

Unknown UV Reactive Varsity

Cyvist Webbed Denim Jeans

Richusi Runner Code Reverse Puffer

Arif Ferdous Dusk Lovers Kiss Sweater

Hubane V3rnum Dune Boot

Roam the Halls Spider Jacket

Drama Call Olive Puffer

Ryder Studios Dynamite Duffle

Pierre Bassene Workwear Set

Esenes Boneheads

Angeles Loves You Fallen Angel Winged Biker Jacket


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