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As some of my UK followers may already know, English weather can be very unpredictable. Don't let a sunny morning in England fool you because you can return home wishing you had bought out your jacket. That's not to say we shouldn't be prepared for the current season as Onroad Racing Club is dropping a Summer Pack tomorrow!

Their Summer Set features a graphic extending from front to back in which a set of characters are taking a road trip in a BMW E30. The car drives from the cloudy weather at the back of the shirt, into the sunny weather at the front. Finishing touches include Onroads logo on the chest and shorts with the shorts also receiving nature-esque graphics on the other side. This paint brush style graphic is printed on high-quality silk material leaving a soft satin feel.

While other brands try and capitalise off the automotive culture with one-off drops, Onroad is dedicated to bridging the gap between that culture and fashion through their automotive designs. Rest be assured this brand is for the car enthusiasts.

You can stay updated with their drop via early access on their website. Head to their page to get set for their drop tomorrow the 16th @ 8pm UK time.


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