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We've completed 2023 and the second part of it had no shortage of drops. This will account for the second half of 2023 but we also did one halfway through the year which you can see here. As you know, we keep you updated on the best drops every single week within our Drops of The Week Series. I’ve gone back through over 250 drops and compiled the best drops of 2023 so far.

Sace Moretti Drow Z Baybees

Nik Bentel Folder Wallet Collection

Bene Culture Jersey Top

Badson US Vessel Two

Ultralight LDN Jerseys

Corvidae x 00Unia Jersey

Free the Youth Tracksuit

By Sunmonu Home Shirt

OM New York Montbéliarde Clogs

Pierre Bassene World Jersey

Akme US Boot

Hlaisi Empty the Clip Mules

Hollywood Keyz CyberSpider Watch

Liquid World Thermal Shoulder bag V2

Vicinity Jersey Drop

Brigade USA Big Sock

Tegdirb Lavender Winged Backpack

Vandy the Pink Jeans

Seaggs x Magdalsade Sneakers

Mudmetal Lightning Cable Bracelet

Alabaster Industries Watches

Bravest Bear Claw Mules

Ezra Pharaoh Soccer Jerseys

PDF Channel Chunky Boot

Saalt Studio Jerseys

Youth Foul Mules

Shine Luxury Studios Bomber

Pearled Ivory Everglade Jacket

Have You Died Before AW23 Nightcrawler Batpack

Murder Backwards Cardigan

194 Local Heat Reactive Bandana

House of Errors TOPO - 01s

Davril Supply Urchin Boot

Offgod x A. Society Headphone Accessory

Supreme x Corteiz Collab Drop

Years of Tears Polos

House of Errors Eyes of the World Jeans


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