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Here's a look back at @wallstreetmafia "Employee of the Month" Collection that dropped this week.

WallStreetMafia is a lifestyle brand from the UK that embodies the choice of opportunity. This recent collection is their biggest release yet featuring Sherpa Fleeces, Applique Tracksuits, Long Sleeve Polos and Cargos that are packed with details while also maintaining a muted colour palette.

We reached out to Wall Street Mafia for further word on the collection:

"In this world, we all have to work, but the real blessing is placing your efforts into a vehicle that allows you to grow, crafting a new world from scratch utilising inspiration and the passion to sustain oneself off of your own ideas, with an aligned vision. The WallStreetMafia Eagle is meant to embody the sentiment of freedom of choice.

The aim of this shoot was to encapsulate a corporate setting balancing it with the WSM items, which are not intended for formal wear. Besides his undeniable skill as a photographer, we collaborated with @filmabdi because we felt he best embodied what we represent as a brand which is: striking a balance between doing what you may need to do and doing what you want to do."

It's hard for me to say any of the pieces are misses. The standout product for me is the tracksuit, simply because of how they put their own spin on the UK's most beloved uniform with the Applique design. The whole photography and presentation of this collection is honestly amazing, especially when you consider the size of the brand. Kudos to @filmabdi for the work on that, it's clear that this was a careful pick and he suited the brand aesthetic seamlessly. These are the levels I expect from the bigger mainstream brands so let this be a testament that it's all possible for any brand starting out.

WSM is a brand that is coming up in the ranks very quickly and so I expect nothing but consistency in further collections coming up.


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