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In my “Rounding up Streetwear in 2023” I predicted three locations that will boom further up in the streetwear scene. Those are Germany, Lagos and Australia.


Germany are already giants when it comes to streetwear but it's about time that's known on a wider level as from my angle, it seems they're mostly making noise within their own country. There is too much talent out there for it not to touch a wider global scale. The likes of Strides, Lovescars, Moonlight Mansion and more are currently dominating this space.

Lagos, Nigeria

The next location would be Nigeria, specifically Lagos. I don't know what's in the air in Nigeria but the streetwear scene there is on a steady rise and in 2023 I saw it live. From my audience insights on IG to messages and engagements from Nigerian brands/streetwear enthusiasts. They're slowly creeping into the scene. It's really Africa as a whole who's having a moment but Nigeria is currently the top spot for streetwear within Africa. Forever Earth, Thirtsty Laboratory and 5200 Fleece are some of the brands I've noticed go large.


Further European brands and Asian brands are also heavily on the rise for streetwear but I felt this next one had the biggest potential and saw a bigger movement behind it overall and that location is Australia.

The people from down under go crazy, in terms of the support and overall energy, there just seems to be a great support system over there. Just this past weekend Judah Tribe made headlines for shutting down Sydney doing a pop-up with Syna World. Furthermore, brands like Kontend and Mertra Mertra also made bigger names for themselves last year.

Watch out for all these locations over the course of this year. I will be creating in-depth videos on each of these locations and their streetweae scenes. For now, enjoy our latest video where I round up 2023's year in streetwear. Youll get to see this part a little more in depth.


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