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Here’s all the upcoming pieces from central cee's upcoming clothing brand Syna World.

Countless artists such as Young Thug, Drake and Travis Scott have all came out with their own brands in the past years. Central Cee is just the latest artist to join the collection of artists to launch a clothing brand.

The signature design seems to be the word “SYNA” printed on a variety of clothing pieces in a graffiti-type font. It’s clear that distinction is one focus Central Cee looks to embed. Let's look at how he’s done it with these pieces.

- Firstly, the bottom of the joggers are extra long and also come with a zip, giving it a stacked look. This makes it adjustable to the customers taste as they can tailor the jogger to their liking. The words “Forgive me” are also printed on the front side of the joggers just above the top of your shoes.

- Central Cee is also looking to switch things up with the unboxing experience as it seems the packaging he’s previewed takes a whole new spin on how clothes are packaged once they arrive at your door.

- Lastly, and my personal favourite, is the rope drawstring. The rope drawstring originally started in the sneaker scene with the likes of customsbyj1 being the amongst the first I’ve seen use this. Central Cee has went on to put a twist to the boring and skinny drawstrings that hoodies/bottoms usually have. It’s definitely more of a niche taste but I like the risk he’s raking and his mindset of wanting to bring something different to the market.

All in all, these all could just be samples of ideas. It’s unclear when it will launch but with the run central cee is having right now, I think it’ll do well during launch. I’ve also seen additional jewellery pieces such as the iced out ring and necklace which equally go as hard.

I like how this has all been promoted very subtly without much info about it. I’m looking forward to seeing how he goes about further branding and marketing. I think there’ll be creative ways he’ll go about it.


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