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If you were to ask me to name a brand that's about representing culture, Peak TV is one that comes to mind.

Hailing out of London's very own, Newham, Lengurzz, Aritrussme and JJBefore are the creatives behind Peak TV. The brand was conceptualised from their love for film, media and magazines, the main channels that drove pop culture and influenced society at that time. Today, Peak tv aims to replicate that by capturing culture through clothing. The introduction of the internet essentially broke the influence of these nostalgic mediums and democratised it as people were to express their own influence and individuality. Peak TV retrospectively studies this shift exploring the beautiful and dark elements of pop culture whilst simultaneously acting as a nostalgic love letter to television.

Culture runs deep in the brand. The logo represents mountain peaks (when TV was at its peak) and Im guessing the colours can be interpreted as TV going from black & white to coloured. Their clothes are rooted in nostalgia and tradition. The skeenie set (scarf & beanie) is an iconic part of UK uniform and their Dogear cap holds a legendary status in the Peak TV product catalogue being a favourite amongst customers. Further designs and campaign imagery only cement everything the brand is about. My favourite campaigns would have to be the Queens Market Campaign, the barber campaign and their Zip up vs Pullover campaign. Peak TV is an exemplary brand pushing a DIY mentality and using what you have to make the most of it.

From their block party hosting 100s of attendees to their dynamic commercials ideated by the creative minds behind the brand, Peak TV is that brand if you're looking to be part of a culture, part of a community.


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