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NOBOUNDS 2019 Winter Sweatshirt Review!

Today I will be reviewing the NOBOUNDS 2019 Winter Collection sweatshirt. It was part of their “Money + Creativity” Collection that dropped on the 23rd of November 2019.

Click here to see the preview video for their drop!

The collection included:

  1. “NOBOUNDS” embroidered beanies in 4 colours with 2 different thread colour options

  2. A pair of socks divided by a black and white contrast and NOBOUNDS print on the top rim of the sock

  3. Joggers in 3 different colours with the collection catchphrase “Money + Creativity Makes The World Go Round”

  4. Clear silicone phone cases for iPhones 6 – 11 pro in black or white prints

  5. And the main product being the “Money + Creativity” Sweatshirt coming in 4 colours with 2 different print colour options

The NOBOUNDS collection explored the 2 factors that keep the world going: Money and Creativity. NOBOUNDS imply that everything was made with a creative idea and that money helps brings that idea into life and is used in our daily lives for trade and living.

This is how the world is able to keep on running or in this context “go round”.

With that being said, let’s review this NOBOUNDS sweatshirt!

Upon attaining my package, the sweatshirt came in a classic white plastic packaging with NOBOUNDS logo branding. When I pulled it out of the package, it had a slight vinegar smell to it.

This is just due to the printing process of the sweatshirt so it’s not anything too bad.

Let’s move onto the product description…

The NOBOUNDS Sweater comes in slightly light black colour and white DTG printing on the back and front of the sweatshirt.

On the front, the left chest has white “NOBOUNDS” text printed in a bold italic font.

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The back has a much bigger design.

It includes a wireframe globe held in roughly drawn hands. This image is enclosed in a circle of text spelling the collection catchphrase “Money + Creativity Makes The World Go Round”

This is accompanied by a paragraph of text expanding on the collection catchphrase. It reads:


These prints come in white but their other sweatshirts also come in a black print. Alternatively, you can also get this sweatshirt in grey, navy and white.

Next we will cover the quality of the NOBOUNDS sweatshirt…

and I can honestly say, this is one of the most comfortable sweatshirts I’ve ever tried on. The fabric on the inside of the sweatshirt rests nicely on the skin while allowing enough breathing space for your body which does not fit too tight but not too loose also.

nobounds, no bounds, sweatshirt, review, 2019, winter collection, sweater, jumper

I will say that others and myself, may prefer a tighter fit as the looseness of the sweatshirt may not be your preferred fit.

On top of that, it may not be the best option for keeping warm if it’s not accompanied by something underneath like a vest or shirt. I did experience a few spells of cold when wearing it without anything under.

This may be a consideration for you if you’re buying this sweatshirt.

A big dislike for me came after I washed it a few times. After about a few washes, it started pilling around the collar, torso and sleeves. This is a problem as it impacts the appearance and looks of the sweatshirt, leaving some people unhappy.

With some online searches, you can probably get rid of pilling so it may not be that big of a deal.

In contrast, the print on this is very good and comes out clean and stays regardless of how many times I’ve washed it. However, this does not compensate for the pilling.

Let’s quickly talk about the sizing of the NOBOUNDS sweatshirt…

Firstly, the sweatshirt has a classic regular fit allowing it to appeal to a wider audience.

This sweatshirt was size SMALL, my usual size. It had a good fit, with the base resting well on my lower back and the sleeves fitting well on my arms as well. Although I do feel the bottom of the sleeves just fell short of my full arm length.

In my opinion, a small negative is the looser fit around the torso. This is only because I prefer a slimmer and more athletic fit. But I don’t think this would be a problem for most people.

nobounds, no bounds, sweatshirt, review, 2019, winter collection, sweater, jumper

Overall, if you’re thinking of buying this, I recommend going with your regular size or bumping it up if you like looser fits.

That’s the end of the review lets get into the verdict.

The Verdict!

The product just about exceeded my expectations of what I thought it would be like. Additionally, I think the print came out beautifully and crisp, although some may argue it’s a tiny bit messy on the borders of the print.

My favourite feature has to be the comfort of the sweatshirt and the design which I’m sure you can agree with me on.

The small cons for me would be the fit (in terms of the lower sleeves and loose torso) and also the fact that it didn’t do too well to keep me warm. In addition, my biggest dislike was the pilling of the sweatshirt.

I was really impressed with the print quality as it’s still there after several washes. It also looks clean and neat while contrasting well with the black base.

Overall, the NOBOUNDS sweatshirt gets a 4/5.

This is mainly for the design, comfort and print quality. However, NOBOUNDS lose out with the pilling of the fabric as well as the loose fit and inability to keep me sufficiently warm but that’s if we’re being picky.

But that’s generally that’s it…

The product impressed me and I like it. I will definitely carry on wearing it. If you would like to buy this product, be sure to contact NOBOUNDS on Instagram to put down your order.

nobounds, no bounds, sweatshirt, review, 2019, winter collection, sweater, jumper, instagram

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Additionally, comment your own opinions on this sweatshirt and tell me what you think of my rating for it.


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