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Nik Bentel is a NYC based team of designers releasing limited performative objects such as furniture, clothing, handbags, homeware items and toys.

They describe themselves as a design studio making objects big, small and in between with a goal of conveying narrative through objects”. Nik expresses how we see objects on a daily basis so his goal is to make interactions with them that much more enjoyable.

Looking through their feed, If I had to describe what they got going on, I’d simply say fun. From the colours to branding, to objects and content. this looks like a never ending project they have genuine passion for. Everyone seems to be made with authenticity behind it. from ideas to the final outcome all the way to the content and even the website, every part of the brand is made with fun and authenticity in mind.

I feel like that’s the most aspirational point a designer can reach and I hope the studio continues to thrive in those traits. This brand is a good reference for those who wish to do the same.


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