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The new flex is your running drip and Strava stats.

What once started as a simple design being “(insert brand) Running Club” has now evolved into a movement where brands are tuning that statement into reality with their own actual running clubs.

While COVID was years ago, its clear to see the effects are still imminent in the form of people craving community and increased interest into fitness. The pandemic had people lonely, separated and more health conscious and so the integration of running culture into fashion makes sense. Especially when you look into how COVID changed fashion with consumers opting for more casual/athletic war, that demand easily helped propel this movement's infiltration into streetwear. A cool side effect of this I think is that it provides an opportunity for brands to make running attire look even better whilst also opening ideas for more functional wear optimising the running experience. Now, it's hard to scroll social media without seeing people post about their daily runs.

The saying “Think Local, Go Global” fits in well as multiple pockets in your biggest cities, we’re talking London, New York, Manchester, Berlin, Amsterdam and more, all have brands hosting frequent running clubs for their communities to join. The best part is there is no exclusivity, it comes down to you genuinely aligning with a brand's values and making the move to join in. I knew there was a shift starting when Represent launched their 247 line and Cole Buxton launched UVU. Altus is also a brand that has been on this wave for a minute while Youwsntder is one of the newer brands growing rapidly and making a lot of noise with their community events.

If you want to read deeper into the topic, I highly recommend the article by Aardrijkskunde who went deeper into the topic and why this is so successful


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