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‘if you can’t get laid in it, what’s the point?" Jacob expressed as he stated that he wants the wearers of his clothes to feel confident and sexy.

Young fashion designers all contemplate whether they should venture forth on their own and pioneer they’re own brands. Many do. But many fail. In todays, arguably saturated, fashion market – where numerous people are having a go at starting their own brands – it’s hard, but crucial, to stand out. Gerrit Jacob has not only done that but done it extremely well. Jacob’s ‘unhinged neon universe’ has captured the eye of many a-list celebrities, let me tell you how his underground ascent began.

Whilst gym rats get up at 6AM to get a sweat on; Jacobs got up at 6AM to teach himself airbrushing. This difficult technique became a signature style of his and can be seen in his graduate collection. It was only a couple of months after graduation, Jacobs managed to start working for Gucci. Even that alone is impressive. Being exposed to such luxury, and how a brand with high status conducts itself in the manufacturing of their clothes, Jacobs learnt a lot. After helping to create red-carpet outfits for Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, and Lil Nas X, Jacobs took these skills and incorporated them into his own brand; which, he finally felt ready to start. His pieces are now recognised as conveying a kitsch ‘teenage disenchantment’, fused with luminescent-printed leather and patchwork denim. These fearless and striking designs root from growing up in Germany’s working class. Especially after Dua-Lipa wore and posted one of his leather fits, Jacobs has garnered an impressive following and continues to amaze us all with his ‘now-archetypal bubble-gum palettes’ on a range of ‘diverse fabrics’.

Jacob's work is heavily influenced by what he saw when he was a kid. Before moving to London at age 18 to study BA womenswear at central saint martins, Jacob's grew up in Hamburg. Jacobs would accompany his father - a lorry driver - when he'd go to car and truck conventions.

It was these bright colours he witnessed at these conventions - as well as the service stations they stopped at, with their colourful arcade games - that got engraved in his young mind

On top of this, in an interview with dazed magazine, Jacobs states he remembers 'feeling really drawn to' illustrations, women's bodies and dresses, after discovering a book of photographs of princess Diana, owned by his step-uncle. This marked the beginning of his innate fascination of clothing and designs.

Be sure to check out his Instagram and see what he’s all about @gerrit_jacob


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