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The Derschutze London account has been putting out some of the best content recently and the numbers they’re pulling on their videos reflect just that.

The basis of the content is storytelling. The way it's set up feels like they have their own TV show inviting users to keep coming back to binge watch more and invest in the stories (the comments reflect just that). By keeping the same faces, style and structure for their content, we're familiar with what we're getting meaning if we watch one video, we want to watch another. The way they’re able to include relatable fashion topics, relatable characters and humour into their formats are some of the elements that make people stick around and although it's a little exaggerated at times, it's ultimately a reflection of similar experiences some fashion enthusiasts have gone through. The content is rich in cultural references we're aware of especially if you’re on the fashion side of TikTok.

Overall, it makes the brand seem much more desirable to its consumers from a branding element as people are buying into the brand, through their content. Derschutze is also a reputable brand in the game with amazing, well thought out products, so that foundational work just adds an extra layer of demand and desire for their products.

Well done to Nile, Maya, Ceezee and the team for all the work on this.


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