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If you somehow didn’t hear about Corteiz latest antics , here’s what went down.

Corteiz helped combat cost of living crisis by bringing back the iconic 99p store in which they sold their signature cargos for EXACTLY 99p.

The result? 3000 people swarmed the streets of London for a slim chance to grab their “Blackout Cargos” for a bargain.

Corteiz went from 380k to 400k and made all the blog pages. It was almost impossible to miss when scrolling through social media. All the attention has also left people divided. Egos were hurt, police were called, haters arose but most importantly, super fans were created!

This only further cemented Clint and his brand as a polarising figure in the scene. It doesn’t stop there though. This event comes after they took over the streets of Australia in two different cities. The scenes of people running, prompted onlookers and authorities to think it was a bomb threat.

Clint's vision is clear and shows why his slogan holds weight. If you want to know How Corteiz Rules the World, head to our YouTube Channel and blog to find out more!


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