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If you were in London this week, you would’ve seen crowds line up for 2 of London’s most exciting brands coming up!

Both Years of Tears and House of Errors had events where their most loyal followers gathered. It just goes to show how strong of a customer base upcoming brands are creating. The mainstream labels got serious competition!

Diving into the details, Syd announced the pop-up on his story 3 days prior. The idea was for people to bring vintage graphic Ts in exchange for new Years of Tears pieces. You can tell this was for the real ones as Syd disallowed both streetwear and rap Ts, emphasising bringing “Vintage Only” Ts. The way 10V pulled up to the pop was like shit out of a movie 🤣 black cars with blacked-out windows all pulling up. The motorcyclists put on a good show too!

Moving on to House of Errors, Fully threw a 50% off sale for select pieces. As you can see, long queues amassed in the streets with people hoping to get their hands on a House of Errors garm. I remember Fully mentioning industry people doubting his success selling luxury pieces without industry help, so selling out his “Big Ass Coats” and then doing all of this independently, deserves nothing but praise 👏🏾

One event goer had this to say “This queue reminds me of the good old days of queuing up in front of Adidas for a new Yeezy release” ( @jshah._ )

Let this be a lesson that fashion is more than just the clothes. Culture, experience and community all come into play. The pictures and videos say it all.

This begs the question, “What’s next?” Years of Tears are supposedly gearing up to drop around mid Feb and I believe we’re going to get more colour ways for the Big Ass Coats from House of Errors. Whatever these two got planned I’m sure it’s big. Let’s wait and see!


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