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So … @trevorgorji may have just pulled off one of the marketing stunts of the year! Here is what went down.

@fugazi released a new sneaker dubbed the S****. The sneaker is wrapped in a pixelated type of fabric and is rich in details, something Trevor always seems to deliver on with his brand. The shoe is then topped off with a velcro sticker reading "Censored" on the side.

The shoe alone is not the only talking point though, in timely April Fool's fashion, Trevor started the campaign by uploading a fake arrest picture explaining how he was in custody for his past sneaker releases. This was then followed up by a commercial posted on Fugazi where Trevor is interrogated regarding his past shoes in which he also introduces the S**** before being taken away and arrested. Followers of Fugazi were left with a mix of emotions as the comments were filled with excitement, confusion and curiosity.

Moving on, Fugazi held an in real-life event in California, where the shoe was available on a first come first served basis. The shoes later went on to drop online in a 15-minute quickdraw at a random time, announced on their story and Instagram broadcast channel.

A few aspects I find cool is how this idea was 2 years in the making with the script being written almost 6 months ago. You can literally scroll through their feed and see an early preview of the S**** in their Collection 3 Lookbook. What I also found cool was the big brain move that a lot of people may have not picked up on. While the last video might have been satirical, this campaign is also a promotion for their broadcast channel, a new feature Instagram decided to roll out. Think of the feature like an email list, I'm expecting lots of brands to jump on this and see an increase in performance if done correctly of course.

Bravo Fugazi


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