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One of my personal sayings is "There's beauty in simplicity". Akimbo Club embodied that with this drop.

From a design perspective, you may think it's nothing extraordinary as they're simply your basic wardrobe essentials. But solely thinking that design is what makes a clothing brand is a huge fallacy many people believe in. Fashion is too big of an industry to not take into account different tastes and the Akimbo Club's recent line shows how minimalist clothing appeals to a wide audience.

You can have a great product and downgrade its appeal with the incorrect presentation. The same goes the other way around. You can have a "mediocre" product and elevate it to a desirable level.

The simplicity of their product bled into their campaign shoot in which they presented unique ideas without trying too hard. They took the classic product flat-lay mockups and characterised the hoodies by adding specific motion to them. Akimbo already stood out with their product flat lays due to their unique hoodie silhouettes but they took it further by upgrading how these products are laid out on the ground. A few people draw comparisons to GAP and Russel but the use of the primary colours works well together adding a youthful vibe to the drop keeping them back in touch with their target audience. This youthful vibe is further cemented with the model selection which is another key aspect starting brand owners neglect. Models know what they're doing and can further elevate your products. Models are also an opportunity for you to showcase your ideal audience which your followers can identify with. Lastly, I want to touch on the styling. The layered zip-ups combined with the Double Denims (another element that adds a youthful vibe as it's currently trendy) all tie back into presenting something that's simple and unique without trying too hard.

There's a lot you can learn from something so simple


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