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Over the past couple of weeks, there has been one shoe that kept popping up on my feed and that is Nike's New Air Max DN. I saw a lot of what went into building that campaign and thought I'd break down what I saw into bits we can learn from.

1) Make something Worth talking about

Word of mouth is the best marketing but in order to trigger it, you need to be worth people's attention. Once people found out about the shoe's upcoming release, users reshared it and content creators made their own content on it. This only further spreads the message which is free marketing for Nike. This is the fundamental step in a marketing campaign similar to Nike, people need to care and desire your product or brand overall. In this case, the talking points are not only the design but also the features around the shoe. It’s already been dubbed “the UK’s favourite new Air Max”, “Nike's most comfortable airmax” as well as the several technological features the product has which Nike went in depth via their pages and press releases. this seeks into the next point, but Nike chose their primary.

2) Influencer marketing done right

In the last point, I referenced people finding out about the shoe release. When you look at the details, Nike's PR connected with a set of sneaker blogs and influencers to get their message through the door. They knew if they got the message to these people, the rest would be taken care of and other users/creators/blogs would pick up on the shoe and do the extra marketing for them. On top of that, these placements were not only strategic but also organic and resonant with their target audience. Some of these include Clint419 who has posted the shoe multiple times also with Hol sales and multiple other people in the scene. One of the most interesting things was how Nike's UK brands tapped into rising brands such as Peak Television, Split Dat and Pastdown Store. Including these merging brands to expand your campaign to among influencers was a great way to indicate how Nike have eyes on the streets and overall UK culture. It gives off this raw and organic feel that UK consumers crave. Nike UK’s PR/distribution team have continuously shown their involvement and investment within UK culture (eg Kaivyon TN campaigns) and so this is why Nike has been able to be successful in the UK. To top off, Nike utilised the power of #s to reinforce in people's minds their upcoming drop. It also gives it a sense of “pushing a movement” and people love getting behind movements and agendas they can push. To finish off, Nike also tapped into new audiences collaborating with the likes of Currie Goat and Suki Nailz both providing unique content ideas to further push this release.

3) Nike understand community

last but not least, Nike had events and meetups for the shoe. In the UK, events where communities can come together and are congregate is very popular, Nike understood this and in turn, is hosting a car boot event. The event will have an exclusive DN drop alongside activities relevant to the audience they’re targeting. key figures they collaborated with on this campaign will also be in attendance.


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