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In an age where the market is often dubbed “over saturated” it’s pushing brands to do more to stand out and gain favour among customers. Simultaneously, one move I’m seeing heavily is the push for a less “corporate / professional” look where brands don't take themselves too seriously leaving room for personality.

One brand doing that well is Cernucci, which I think serves as a good reference for how brands can view and approach social media marketing, but why does it work so well? Here’s my observation

It’s all chill

One reason we're struggling to connect to a lot of these bigger corporate companies is that it's all too serious. Sometimes even out of touch where we as consumers struggle to relate. Over at Cernucci, it's all chill and laid back. It's funny and goes to show the brand's personality without trying too hard. Humour is one of the easiest ways to connect with others. People just want to have a good time.

It’s Engaging

The posts make you stop and read. It's a nice break from the pattern of same style posts you’ll see scrolling through Instagram, setting Cernucci apart from the competition, especially other jewellery brands forcing more of the high-end, lux lifestyle esque content. Chat screenshots always have a way of commanding attention, the science behind it really needs to be studied. Some of the situations are also relatable. People can see a post and connect with their similar experiences. Whether some of the chats are real or not, it encourages the community to react whether its via comments or their own DMs to the page. Shoutout to the Cernucci admins for the work.

It’s familiar

I think this of one of the key takes because Cernucci’s memes come in the same format of our favourite meme pages. It's not too new to the point it that it alienates you but its also a fresh style of content for a brand. They’ve struck the perfect balance. By keeping the brand voice synonymous, the format familiar and on the theme of common pop culture topics, it resonant with social media users who like meme culture.

What do you think?


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