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Whether you're looking to travel between countries or step into the city, be assured that this brand is due to get heads turning, so much so I wouldn't be surprised if you were mistaken for a real threat. Whether this is a risk you're willing to take is up for debate. What's not up for debate is that this brand needs its spotlight.

Vlieger & Vandam is a brand based out of Amsterdam founded by Carolien Vlieger and Hein van Dam. Both trained as graphic designers and industrial designers respectively, before starting up the brand in 2004. But what sparked the start of the brand? The story is quite an intriguing one.

The brand has stated Vlieger & Vandam's is a story about interdisciplinary design, innovative craftsmanship and the relationship between art and fashion. In 2002, they dropped their collaborative "Guardian Angel Handbag". This was hugely successful and added to the brand's birth. In addition to this, the bags were also a comment on the street violence in Rotterdam at the time they settled. The earlier Guardian Angel Handbags were made out of second hand handbags and brightly coloured felt, the sides featured embossed profiles of guns and kitchen knives. Since then, the brand has extended its product range and seemingly renamed the bags. Their product catalogue extends from their traditional handbags to include a variety of bags, accessories and more. Their embossments now also include stars, snakes, crucifixes and handcuffs, another one of their bestsellers.

The brand describes itself as a "new generation luxury label", stating they distinguish themselves with their "outspoken interdisciplinary designs" and "innovative embossing techniques". They believe their statement design is of added value forming their "New Generation Luxury" label as opposed to the conventional luxury branding we see today. It's no surprise that their handbags have gone on to be seen among artists, and fellow designers as well as going on to be featured in several exhibitions.


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