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Last week Guacawole took a visit to his homeland Ghana (also admins homeland). On his visit there, he stumbled across Virgil's Freedom Skatepark, a project he was working on before he passed. The skate park was the first ever one built in Ghana backed by Surf Ghana, Off-White™ and Daily Paper. Unfortunately on his visit, he found the place abandoned after another owner stormed the park, built a cement wall on it and poured sand through the skate park to keep skaters out.

Surf Ghana intended to host various art and sporting events at the skating venue, which will include workshops, mentoring programs, art exhibitions and other skate competitions on the African continent. It was also a space for people to grow their talents, connect with likeminded people and eventually reach their full potential.

Unfortunately, those goals can't be met at the moment but I believe that something can be done by people around Virgil, especially the people and brands he's worked with. Light needs to be shone on this so the youth in Accra gain more opportunities. Everybody deserves a chance.

Travis Scott and Surf Ghana both have commented on the situation, so hopefully this is the start of good news.

Share and tag people in the comments for awareness. Shoutout to Guacawole for talking about this.


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