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Here’s the the top unrealeased pieces we’re waiting on from Years of Tears.

Years of Tears has graced the scene with some of the finest pieces. Unfortunately, Syd still got some crazy unreleased pieces locked up. The way his audience has been fiending for these pieces reminds me of Carti fans discovering a new snippet.

The puffer jacket is Brazy. Not only does it have spikes on the hood but it’s also detachable.

Syd already dropped the Osbatt bracelet but Syd has said the chain is exclusive to him. Nonetheless, it’s still a piece we’d love.

In an interview with banal pieces, Syd mentioned a collab with H of errors. While it seems there’s been a delay in the drop, Syd hasn’t held back from blessing us with previews.

The Osbatt Purse sees Syd explore new design techniques. The 3D embossed logo is nuts and the silky red contrasting with the leather black pretty much speaks for itself. (Correction: it was available with the 1 ledah set, it’s just very rare)

I believe the windbreaker sets were exclusive for an event but I still think this is a piece we need.

As for both the leather jacket sets and the Osbatt Hoodie, I came across more colours that we could’ve included but these were my top picks. nonetheless, the design is a recipe for success, as a simple play on colours is all he needs to come up with another banger. (Correction: yellow set dropped)

Make sure to check out our Years of Tears video to find out more about Years Of Tears.


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