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Nominated by us, voted by you!

We present the results of our first ever UNDISCOVERED Awards!

GG to everyone else who was nominated and big up to the winners.

Here’s the official results!

Best Collection

Winner: Entire Studios Drop 3 - 184 votes

Entire Studios dropped an amazing collection that I found myself going back to always look at. The silhouettes, the colours, the website, the models and overall designs was very inspiring to look at. You can tell time and effort was put into this.

2. Vicinity July Drop - 144 votes

3. GrimyKids April Drop - 102 votes

4. Unknown UK October Drop 1 - 78 votes

Brand of the Year

Winner: Fugazi - 183 votes

Fugazi are similar in the sense they drop high quality garments consistently. Time after time I’d see new a new drop from Fugazi and I’d be amazed with the attention to detail not only each product has, but also the overall pictures and presentation of the brand.

2. House of Errors - 170 votes

3. Corteiz - 143 votes

4. Kanto Starter - 45 votes

Upcoming Brand of the Year

Winner: Roy Michael - 164 votes

Roy Michael is one brand that goes in my personal finds of the year. For a brand so small to look so refined and cohesive is amazing to see. People can take a lot of notes of how they utilise short form content (TikTok & reels) to market the brand. I only see big things coming from this brand.

2. Nola Season - 132 votes

3. 9inedouble0we - 120 votes

4. Saints Virtuous - 110 votes

UK Brand of the Year

Winner: Broken Planet - 201 votes

Even though they’ve been on the come up since last year, I think this year Broken Planet really cemented their spot in UK streetwear. Not to mention their very strong customer base. Broken Planet is also another brand to take notes off when it comes to short form content marketing. Their videos are everywhere and you can tell it’s all natural with a good company culture.

2. Years of Tears - 158 votes

3. Drama Call - 73 votes

4. Clints - 62 votes

US Brand of the Year

Winner: Pythia - 913 votes

Pythia is one brand that quite impressed me. I’ve known of them for some time but putting this together made me realise what a strong army of supporters this brand has. It’s always refreshing to see that. Their products and designs simply speak for themselves.

2. Badson - 81 votes

3. Menace LA - 39 votes

4. WNTD Apparel - 32 votes

Best Product

Winner: Yalocaloffgod 3D printed AirPod Max Attachments - 179 votes

Yalocaloffgod's product is definitely the most viral product this year. If you haven’t seen these then you’ve been living under a rock. His striking and futuristic product dominated the Instagram explore page.

2. Mona Thomas Huni Hoodie - 144 votes

3. Badson - 132 votes

4. House of Errors Big Ass Coat - 98 votes

Creative of the Year

Winner: Bluboy - 145 votes

BluBoy is another creative who’s work simply speaks for him. His work rate is also crazy. Whether it’s products, game, conversations or updates, Blu has consistently shown up to do his part on the space. He’s truly one of the most inspiring characters in the space for upcoming designers. I can’t wait to see his growth.

2. Yalocaloffgod - 127 votes

3. Israel Yanir - 115 votes

4. Void Reincarnation - 102 votes

Putting this together was a lot of fun, I can’t wait until next year! Let us know what you think and also suggest some more categories in the comments.

I also think its an injustice Corteiz didn't get picked for anything as they 100% deserve some sort of award. That's why I'm giving them Founders Brand of the Year Award! 


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