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When it comes to creating video commercials, theres no one like UK brands doing it right now.

Whether its the more established brands setting standards and proving their positions in the space, or the the emerging brands showcasing originality and creativity, the basis is the same: the UK’s DIY and authentic approach to video commercials is unmatched. Its one of the key things I admire of the UK scene and I believe its why its so thriving right now.

Obviously Corteiz have been doing back to back bangers with their commercials, racking themselves up a nice portfolio of movie style adverts. Drama Call also dropped a banger this past weekend with their “heaviest in the game” advert which reignited this post idea. Trapstar have also been turning the gears as of recently with their 2023 video lineup looking mad, especially with the Avirex campaigns.

Swipe down and enjoy.


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