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A recent tweet from Tyler that I couldn't agree more with!

I'm by no means a clothing brand expert, but maybe the biggest thing I've learnt running this page is that presentation is everything. A lot of brands don't suck, they just don't know how to use social media properly. They don't know how to market and present their brand.

Don't get me wrong, the product is important, but in my opinion, it's only half of the story. In some cases, presentation is even more important than the product. Some of today's fashion brands are a testament to that. They know how to use social media!

Pieces that you may not think are the best, still sell! People wonder why some of these brands are doing well and have a lot of hype, it all comes down to presentation. If you can't communicate your value properly to your target audience, you will cap your potential.

Some of these brands that are popping off just know how to present themselves properly. They know how to tell a story and speak to their audience. They know how to communicate their value and make you feel a part of something when you wear the brand.

If you can make people feel something, you will win.


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