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It's officially AW season and Tora Lily is wasting no time making their mark for the season.

The collection features an array of form-fitting dresses, skirts and tops in a warm colour palette embodying the autumn season. You can tell that Tiger isn't one to shy away from all over prints as the collection is rich in them featuring graphics of faces, safety pins, autumns shed leaves and tigers (it's only right). No details are left behind as every piece is sure to capture attention with unmissable aspects from buttons all the way to additional accessories and attachments. For me, a signature highlight of the brands' designs is the use of asymmetry and its imbalance to symmetrical pieces. That's not to say she doesn't use symmetry in her design because her symmetrical pieces go just as hard. But Tiger's non-conformity toward symmetrical pieces seems to be a large component of her design language. Through the use of striking shapes and different cuts, she is able to create new silhouettes and make staple womenswear pieces her own. That being said, she also wants women to make these pieces their own and the asymmetry combined with the O rings and adjustable ties that she loves to incorporate provides just that functional aspect. These allow wearers to style and put together select pieces in their own ways pertaining to different tastes and personalities.

Here's what Tiger had to say about the collection when we reached out!

"With this collection I tried to make standout/statement pieces that are also quite wearable. I wanted people to look at the pieces and think they would be able to style it in different ways or wear it again and again, rather than just one time. Lot's of the pieces in the collection can be styled together so the customer can make their own outfit even though It might not be styled that way on the website or our instagram. I think the standout pieces of the collection are the red nails vest and dress, I always have my nails done red, never ever have another colour so it's just something to represent me."

The collection is now available to shop!


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