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Dylan Richards, founder and director at Entre studios recently showed us a sneak peek into collection 4, and they are looking promising.

They then also restocked some pieces from Drop 3. Last year, on September 28th, Entire Studios dropped their 3rd collection simply dubbed "Drop 3". The collection included a vast catalogue of clothing, giving you a wide range of outfits to choose from. The highlight of the collection has to be the silhouettes and colours used. Designers Sebastian Hunt and Dylan Richards conceptualised striking colours and silhouettes through thorough research & development processes. The collection gathered many talking points with its colour, design, silhouette and more. Let's dive into our own talking points below.

The Clothes

Of course, we got to start with the obvious, the clothes. As I mentioned before, this collection had almost everything under the sun, so we've broken down each different piece of clothing and further features surrounding it.


Their most captivating product was probably their puffer jackets. Coming in almost every single colour the collection offered (more on that later), the puffers also came in different sizes, effects, silhouettes, textures and designs. In all, we got 4 different Puffers including the RBI Coat, SOA Puffer and PFD V2 Puffer, Cropped PFD V2 Puffer (right to left).


Entire Studios has put more focus on womenswear with this drop and this category is the most packed out of all of them. Let's have a look at what was included. From right to left, we have the Pillow top with the Ring Skirt, Puffy Corset, Rib Tank, Pocket Mini Skirt, PIllow Dress, Bleep Bra, Micro Skirt, Apex Velcro Dress and the Armour Catsuit.


One of the biggest sections Entire Studios decided to explore was the world of sweats. That being sweatshirts, sweat bottoms but also Hoodies and full zips. Here's what's included: The Heavy Hoodie, Heavy Sweatpant, The Full Zip and the Box Crew


The bottoms had a lot of different individual pieces that were all distinct from each other and stood out by themselves. It's why I feel to dedicate a whole section to it. From right to left, we see the GoCar Cargo, Wet Pant, CMC Trouser and the Pocket Pant.

Fleeces and Puffer Vests

Fleeces and Puffer Vests have been some of the standout pieces since the start of last year meaning I had to leave them with their own dedicated sections, especially with how hard they go. We have the Fluffy Fleece and the Pillow Vest in both a glossy design and a matte-like design.

The Other Obvious...

Apart from the different types of clothing that dropped. There are 3 more aspects that deserve their round of applause. Delving into the colours, I think this is one of the most interesting aspects of the collection. It's easy to look at it and think "They're just colours" but the shades, the wide selection of colours and their names show you they weren't just blindly picked, not to mention the designers mentioning there was a process to get to these colours in an interview with HYPEBEAST. Here's a full breakdown of the colours used:

  • Tarmac (white)

  • Stormy (white)

  • Yuzu (yellow)

  • Humus (green/beige)

  • Cork (beige)

  • Dune (green)

  • Mesa (yellow/beige)

  • Sage (green/brown)

  • Military Dust (green)

  • Brunette (dark brown)

  • Olive (brown)

  • Dairy Milk (glossy brown)

  • Umber (brown)

  • Wood (light brown)

  • High Risk Red (red)

  • Blood (glossy red)

  • Liquid X (light blue)

  • Vapour (grey)

  • Coal (grey/purple)

  • Rhino (grey/purple)

  • Light Slate (grey/purple)

  • Ink (indigo)

  • Charcoal (dark grey/navy)

  • Gunmetal (glossy grey)

  • Slate Black (black)

  • Tar (black)

  • Soot (black)

  • Washed Black (light black

The silhouettes were also interesting, they were widely oversized and while that's in trend right now, every brand envisions oversized pieces in its own way. Entire Studios take it to the extreme with the stacking of pants, extended sleeves, neck guards boxy cuts and more all playing into this oversized look. Lastly, it was really good seeing the styling of all of these products, while it's mostly just colour coordination, accessory pieces such as sunglasses, footwear, tops and gloves really completed the look well and made each product almost look better in their own way. Some looks defied the colour coordination with Enire Studios styling in products with different tones and shades combined with the main product being showcased

It's Not Just About the Clothes though...

One thing I liked about Entire Studios is how they put effort into every aspect of their brand, specifically beyond the clothes. You can tell the models were carefully selected based on body types, race, hair colours, hairstyles, age, height and shapes. I feel like all these factors matched with certain silhouettes, designs and colours the designers had in mind. Through the model images, I can tell what was envisioned in the minds of the designers and I think special appreciation has to go into how they were able to bring this to life. The website structure was also amazing. It wasn't too simple but it was simple enough. They ensured the website aligned with their brand and vision but also kept it simple enough that you can navigate through the site well. Even minor details such as products floating up and down, the colour selections tab, and the 360 model pictures were all things that add to the greatness of the website.

My favourite thing is little but it was how you can toggle from model pics to flay lays of the items. Entire Studios really gave us as many images as possible to envision their products. The label for the models was also good.

If you want to know more about what went into the collection, you can read about it here where the designers talked with HYPEBEAST. It's a good read if you're a fan of the brand which I know many of you are.

I'm excited to see what they got in Drop 4. It's looking very promising so far and we will likely do another collection breakdown of it.

Let me know what you think of it below!

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